My test shots with Ira

My test shots with Ira

This time I wanted to add few shots with Ira which we made in same place I work with Karolina before – Port Miejski in Wroclaw (Poland). Actually I have done few more sessions there and I keep returning there as it’s a place of many combinations and I never get back with same shots. After some troubles that I had with my Godox(Quadralite) 600 Pro TTL lamp on previous session I tried to go with this setup again, but this time everything worked as I planned to. Unfortunately the light in the end goes bit too sharp so during next sessions I started to bounce it from reflector, so please bare in mind that it’s still evolving process of mistakes and experiences I still try to go for.

We first try a yellow shirt/pants set for which I found an awesome place with gorgeous light. It was a back of a small car workshop where strong sunlight was diffused by trees leafs. I eventually liked place so much and eventually made quite a few retouched versions of Ira in this place.

Next we tried some black body and a blouse, and I wanted to give a try some yellow huge machine that was standing next to workshop. I really like it’s massive size, but I couldn’t convince Ira that this is a good idea so eventually I gave up and we moved forward elsewhere. Unfortunately I didn’t liked this style set too much so we changed to next one quite quick.

I think I didn’t like black body because of the cloth texture, so we switched to a different body, this time from a material more close to a swimming suit. I usually prefer clothes that do shine a bit so this time I was quite more satisfied and we did a few more shots next to the big truck but on the other side of the road.

Then I wanted to experiment a bit with weird colours so we add this pinkish shirt into the frames:

Eventually we stopped on a last set with all whites. I’m not a fan of whites, yet I wanted to do some more style change and few of the shots went quite well. In the end I’m really happy of the results we made together here.

That was our first shots with Ira and eventually we both liked working together and we made an additional session together, I hope I can soon add it here with some small story around it.

For all of the shots this time I was using 35mm Sigma Art 1.4 lens, Canon 5d IV and some light added trough Godox(Quadralite) 600 Pro TTL.

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