Agency tests with Karolina

Agency tests with Karolina

Today I would like to share some background story working with Karolina (@kzarowna). I’ve contacted her after I saw her photos on a instagram page of a MagnesModels – agency I had to pleasure to work with few models already during some of my private projects before. As a wardrobe choices I wanted to go for some 80’s Miami beach style – in my mind I do imagined a bike roads next to beaches where people skate around in swimwear and then go to a beach bars at the evening.

Unfortunately I live far away from USA and getting such background is kind of hard in my city, especially that I live in one where closest sea is around 800km from me. Instead I went to so called “Port Miejski” – a quite old place where some time ago ships were unloaded/loaded with a cargo and then move down the river for their journey.

I know this place a little, as I’ve already done like 2 session here before. Yet I believe it’s a place where I can still create tons of fresh new content and light works here so well so I couldn’t resist to try few things here. I focused mainly on my 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art lens for most of my shots, yet at the end I switched to 85mm to give it a try on few shoots, yet I still love the most frames from Sigma.

Karolina is quite experienced model and it turned out that we end up with tons of a great images! Most of them I’m developing in Capture One as I’m doing it for past few years already. I really like colour rendering I’m getting there and I can’t recreate this effect in Lightroom/ACR. This time I tried with go a little softer look, going with negative contrasts and no sharpening. Adding just a subtle of noise from Kodak scan I tend to have them look a bit oldish than in reality. I really liked the effect in the end, and I just hope you like them as much as I do. Just let me know in the comments what photo you liked the most in terms of colour composition as I tried to go with few different ideas there and wonder what’s your though on them 🙂

As some small bonus I’m adding a small backstage extra 🙂

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