My backstage shots from making Video Clip in Corfu

My backstage shots from making Video Clip in Corfu

This time I want to share with you some small story of creating Music Clip by Kassai Production and Follow the white rabbit for Linia Nocna. This colourful journey took us to Corfu in Greece in April of 2019 where we spent few days recording raw material. Lets start from a Music Video you can see here:

I’ve made there a few shots with my old DJI Spark drone there that eventually get into the clip and was also made a clip cover so I’m very happy of the results. Some of mine photos also went to a small poster on instagram or other posters as well. Eventually it’s pretty hard to select most interesting photos from around 300+ or more, but I will try not to bore you too much. If you feel unsatisfied with the selection just let me know in the comments! For anyone interested – all photos done with Canon 5d mk IV + Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, and rendered trough Capture One with ICC Profile > Effects > No color profile and some tweaks to get back colour, which I do like after a while now with some exceptions.

Whole trip was bit exhausting – we had like 4 days to get to Corfu from Warszawa, do the recording and get back to Poland. This means we were practically all day working – looking for new locations or recording. I was also a driver for most of the time, so I don’t have too many shoots from when we travel around.

Day 1

First day we landed on the airport somewhat around noon, went straight to get our van and then we went to our apartment. Actually it was quite comfortable place with an empty swimming pool which we decide to make few shoots in. As it took a while longer, and we were bit exhausted from the trip we decided to go eat in some local place.

Day 2

This was quite busy day. We started by going around in a van and looking for nice locations. First one we stopped by was an abandoned car next to the road that inspire Tomek to make few shots with and around it. Next stop on our trip was some abandoned caravan, also next to the road. We made a few takes and we moved forward with our journey. We also had some preplanned locations prepared before and next one – a small beach – was one on the list. To get there we had to walk down trough step staircase. From there we also saw an abandoned building that we went later on make few takes. That was the moment I sadly realised I don’t have SD card for my drone and we decide that I will leave my team for lunch and when they wait for food I make a fast trip to get it from our apartment. Short trip back and forth and I was back in a small town with gorgeous light to shot. We did few takes there as well and after, meet weird cat looking at us from below, and move forward to another location – last one this day. Before we get there we stopped by a closed water park, and Tomek asked one of the guy if we could do few takes inside, and to our surprise he agreed – yet said that we need to get here the next day. So eventually we end up on some local house roof with a view on a city. Last thing i remember was a big market where we did a shopping for the evening – a home made dinner with some good local beers and wine. I was already exhausted enough that I didn’t do any more photos at that moment.

Day 3

This day we went to a water park that we asked about the day before. It was the moment I realised that… I’ve actually been in this place like 20 years before, I think I was somewhat around 16-17 years old when we get to Corfu with friends, and one of attraction was exactly this place. I was quite surprised as I’ve completely forgot about this place until I saw it again. It was pretty weird feeling and I felt bit old back then… huh… Anyway – we made quite few shots here, I did some drone footages and we moved forward. Next stop was a place we wanted to eat that turned out to have a small racing field at the back. Unfortunately food wasn’t that great there, but as a plus we had an unusual location for recording. Our journey continued to a beach, we first made few takes on the road, where I did flew a drone, then we went directly on the beach. At that time of the year it was almost empty, occupied mainly by many wild dogs that were roaming around. Another effective day couldn’t end different than with a good local wine, so again – not too many shots from that moments (officially of course ;)).

Day 4

Last day of our trip was also a partial day as we had our flight somewhat in around 3 p.m. Band manager, that was all time with us, managed to contact someone from a scooter company that agrees to sent us two scooters from Poland to use for recordings. Why scooter? The name of the song is actually “Hulajnogi” which means exactly scooters. It was quite crazy to organise that, and as a driver I’ve also spent quite lot time of moving to place where we could get them and then move them back, so I’ve don’t have too many photos from this day. During that time band and Tomek with Dorota continue making recordings. Then we all pack up and move to airport. We could not eat everything we bought from market, so when we waiting for our plane outside of the airport we were eating what we can so it don’t go to waste (and drink… local goodies of course). That was the last moment of our rapid journey, we back to Warszawa safely and back to places we live.

Thank you for attention and I hope you’ve liked my small selection and I hope it’s not too much to watch. As it’s hard to tag everyone on photo separately I mention all of them directly here: KateDorotaTomMimiMikołajJustyna and missing on all photos – myself. Feel free to ask anything in the comments sections.

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