My Agency Tests with Magda / SPP Models

My Agency Tests with Magda / SPP Models

Some time ago I was doing a test shots for a SPP Modeling agency, and was working with charming Magda. I really loved her emotion back then and It was quite nice experience working with her. I did try to work with pretty standard lightning from above, but as I get bored with the background I’ve also did some fun with a black walls we have for blocking the light. In the end it gives quite much different results, but I love both of them, probably of very good Magda glances 🙂 Those photos were done as usual with my standard Canon 5dIV + Canon 85mm 1.8

After that photo session I did work with Magda a few more times so I believe I will still add some of those later on.

I edited all of the photos as always inside Capture One and then did a little retouch in Photoshop. If I could fix something looking at those photos after a while – I would work a bit on the light that is not even, especially you can see that on first photo where legs get’s more red (as a result of not enough light get into it). Still emotionally I love that photo together with second one, great glances and I could only dream to have such look more often from different models.

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