My backstage shots from making Video Clip “Noc” for Clock Machine

My backstage shots from making Video Clip “Noc” for Clock Machine

I wanted to share with you my favourite Backstage shots, which I had the opportunity to do while filming the music video by Kassai Production along with Follow the white rabbit for Clock Machine. We all were on stage from around 10:00 to… 24:00! I admit that it was a very exhausting experience, but it help make a good content that you can now enjoy on the music video created by Tomek and directed by Dorota below. On the set I also assisted the operator, so I don’t have photos from some moments, e.g. when we brought and carried a lot of equipment from cars to the room where we were filming. I tried to be everywhere with the camera and shot everything I think is interesting. I managed to make reasonable 150 or more photos, but in order not to get you bored I will try to limit them to the best 22 in my opinion.

The music video itself was recorded in the club “Bezsenność” in Wrocław. Personally, I was a bit afraid of the colors in the pictures because it is quite a dark place. However, the constant light set by Krzysiek together with the fog machine did it’s job – the photos still look great even at ISO 6400 and I am increasingly considering buying a fog machine for my own photos. It creates an interesting atmosphere, adds mystery and colour where it would be normally grey and gloomy. As always, I set the camera in semi-automatic mode (Time-piority) with negative exposure compensation – I told the camera to take darker photos than it would usually do, because it was simply dark everywhere. I even tried shots for longer exposure directly from hands (no tripod) – up to 1/30 and I was quite happy with the results. In order not to bore you with techniques, I invite you to ask for more details in the comments.

Basia played the main role – when I talked to her in the lobby, it turned out that she plays every day at the Wroclaw musical theater “Capitol”. What surprised me was that I had the chance to admire her in the theater at the “Blaszany Bębenek” performance. This is not the first time that it turns out that the artistic world is very intertwined. I actually don’t have to look too far. When I talked with the lighting engineer – Krzysiek – it turned out that he also plays in the band on the guitar and what’s more, we had the chance to appear together several times when playing “Creole Mass” (Missa Criolla – Ariel Ramirez), when I was still actively singing in the choir.

Among the side roles was Marika, with whom I did several successful photo sessions, as well as Asia, who I met as a makeup artist in one of the modeling agencies.

It is also worth mentioning the great team of Ola, Kasia, Asia and Martyna – bravely working on the appearance of the scenes, props, makeup, clothes and good words on the set.

For those interested I made all the photos as usual on Canon 5d mk IV + Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art.

I set up this post in the way that you can first watch the clip, then mine photos. I will try to add a few words under the pictures themselves, and at the end I give a full list of people involved in this project. Thank you from my side for a moment of your time to read this post and I just hope that this is not a waste of time for you. Just let me know if you want to know about anything specific in comments below and have a great day.

Clock Machine – Noc

Noc by Clock Machine

written and directed by • Dorota Miko
director of photography • Tom Miko
edit & color • Tom Miko

produced by • FOLLOW THE RABBIT
production manager • Kate Kalumiere
casting • Kate Kalumiere & Dorota Miko

set design • Martyna Wydmańska
make up artist • Kasia Skoczylas- makijaż i stylizacja
hair designer • Asia Hłobaż-Zakrzewska 
costume stylist • Kasia Skoczylas 
costume stylist assistant • Ola Stawicka 
costume of the main actress • designed by Molerin

light • Krzysztof Łabaz 
assist • Radek Furmanek, Krzysiek Spólnicki, Paweł Witkowski
focus puller • Krzysztof Łabaz 
catering • Wyspa Zdrowia
location • Bezsennosc Insomnia Club
photo backstage • Paweł Witkowski

cast • Barbara Olech & Magda Majtyka, Patrycja Rudak,
 Jessica Książczyk, Anna Sejdak, Joanna Tomaszczyk,
Natalia Borkowska, Marika Pela, Fausto Corticelli,
Giuseppe Giuffrida, Marco Pellizzato, Davide Di Domenico

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